If you’re already a LaunchDarkly user, migrating from LaunchDarkly to Flipt is a simple, 4-step process.

We suggest you follow the steps one after the other, in the order they’re listed. This will allow you to rollback changes easily, in case of a migration error.

  1. Migrating from LaunchDarkly SDK to OpenFeature SDK

First, we’ll identify all flag instances in your codebase, and migrate them from the traditional LaunchDarkly SDK to the OpenFeature SDK. This will enable us to make as little modifications as possible to your codebase, and allow you to replace feature flagging vendors with ease.

  1. Adding the Flipt OpenFeature Provider

Since Flipt supports OpenFeature, migrating to Flipt is as easy as changing the LaunchDarkly OpenFeature provider to the Flipt OpenFeature provider.

  1. Installing Flipt

In order to use Flipt, you would need to install it in your infrastructure.

If you want us to handle security and user management for you, you can leverage our Enterprise Cloud offering in addition to installing your Flipt instance.

  1. Migrate State from LaunchDarkly to Flipt

The last part is to migrate all of your existing flags from the LaunchDarkly interface to your Flipt instance.

Flipt has a new Enterprise Cloud offering that allows you to run your own Flipt instance, without worrying about managing authentication and users. It has no limits - and we’ll assist you in LaunchDarkly to Flipt migration services for free, for all of our paying users.