The rest of this guide will cover the remaining steps required to migrate from LaunchDarkly to Flipt.

Adding the Flipt OpenFeature Provider

Flipt supports the OpenFeature standard which makes it easy to switch from LaunchDarkly to Flipt.

Continuing with the Node.js example from the previous section, you can replace the LaunchDarkly provider with the Flipt provider in your codebase:

import { FliptProvider } from "@openfeature/flipt";

const provider = new FliptProvider("default", {
  url: "",

const client = OpenFeature.getClient();

Installing Flipt

Flipt is a single binary that can be run on any Linux or macOS (arm64) host. You can install and try out Flipt in a few different ways:

curl -fsSL | sh

For more details, see our installation documentation.

Migrate State from LaunchDarkly to Flipt

Generally speaking, it’s preferable to open up new flags individually when migrating to a new feature flagging platform. This allows you to test each flag in isolation and ensure that the new platform is working as expected.

If you need assistance with migrating your flags from LaunchDarkly to Flipt, join our Discord community and ask for help in the #migration channel.

Flipt offers flag state migration services for any paid user of our Hybrid Cloud offering. We’re working on extending this offer to the rest of the ecosystem as well!