At Flipt, we’re pioneering the next generation of feature flag management with a new innovative offering: Flipt Hybrid Cloud.

This solution is designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing infrastructure, providing unparalleled efficiency, security, and ease of use.

Read on to learn more about this exciting new offering and how you can get involved.

Hybrid Cloud: The Best of Both Worlds

  • Our Hybrid Cloud solution offers a streamlined setup, ready-to-use management interface, and simplified user and integration management, ensuring a smooth transition and enhanced operational efficiency.

  • Flipt Hybrid cloud handles user authentication and authorization, ensuring that your feature flags are secure and accessible only to the right people.

  • Your feature flags are stored in your cloud, ensuring that you maintain full control over your data and can leverage your existing infrastructure and security measures.

  • Your services continue to integrate with Flipt in your cloud as they do today, ensuring that you can leverage the full power of feature flags without compromising on security or performance.

Join Us as a Design Partner

We’re actively iterating on these exciting concepts and looking for forward-thinking organizations to join us as design partners. This is a unique opportunity to shape the future of feature flag technology and tailor these solutions to your specific needs.

If you’re interested in piloting the Flipt Hybrid Cloud solution and contributing to its development risk-free, we’d love to hear from you.

Sign Up as a Design Partner

Your insights and feedback will be invaluable in refining this offering to best serve your needs.

Learn More

To learn more about Flipt Hybrid Cloud and how it can benefit your organization, check out our Hybrid Cloud documentation.