Flipt is a single binary that can be run on any Linux or macOS (arm64) host. You can install and try out Flipt in a few different ways:

curl -fsSL https://get.flipt.io/install | sh

For more details on each installation method, see the sections below.

Managed Flipt

Don’t want to self-host? Learn more about our managed offerings.


You can install Flipt using Homebrew on macOS and Linux.

Flipt runs as a service and is managed by Homebrew Services. This means you can start and stop Flipt using the brew services command.


brew install flipt-io/brew/flipt


brew services start flipt

Alternatively, you can start Flipt in the foreground using:



You can always download the latest release archive of Flipt from the Releases section on GitHub.


You can use the following script to download and install the latest Flipt binary:

curl -fsSL https://get.flipt.io/install | sh

This will install Flipt to /usr/local/bin/flipt on Mac and Linux systems.

View the install.sh source for more details.


Run the Flipt binary with:


Flipt will check in a few different locations for server configuration (in order):

  1. --config flag as an override
  2. {{ USER_CONFIG_DIR }}/flipt/config.yml (the USER_CONFIG_DIR value is based on your architecture and specified in the Go documentation)
  3. /etc/flipt/config/default.yml

See the Configuration section for more details.

Supported Architectures

Flipt is built for the following architectures/os:

  • x86-64 / Linux
  • ARM64 / Linux
  • x86-64 / Darwin/MacOS
  • ARM64 / Darwin/MacOS

You can find the binaries for each architecture in the Latest Release assets section on GitHub.

The Docker image for Flipt is multi-arch and supports both x86-64 and ARM64 architectures on Linux.

If you need a different architecture, please open an issue on the GitHub repository and we will try to accommodate your request.